Ken, our Pre-Construction Manager brings a wealth of knowledge & experience to the table with a focus on our pre-construction and tendering activity, his experience in commercial construction and fitout coupled with his innovative and positive attitude make Ken something of an asset to the development of any project proposal.  His product knowledge and organisational skills are admired by our customers and our suppliers alike and create an excellent platform to manage the development of project solutions especially valuable on multi-faceted and complex projects, his customer focus and attention to detail, technical solutions and innovation with an emphasis on quality inevitably improve project outcomes in terms of value time and quality. Ken strives to bring a competitive edge to project development while reducing commercial tensions, he is driven by a competitive spirit that ensures he provides an accurate account and translation of employer’s requirements and project objectives all translated into a set of affordable and workable solutions, working closely with our supply chain enables him to provide continuity and support to our operational management team and effectively bridges the gap between project proposal and delivery.